1. image Kalpendra Patel

    Teacher, Vadodara

    Dr. Aditya Joshipura is a wonderful surgeon and excellent human being. He helped me out during my advanced oral cancer. I am happy and healthy after 3 years of treatment. I am thankful to him for my life.

    image विजय मिश्रा

    Vejalpur police station, Ahmedabad

    मेरा जबडे के कैन्सर् का ऑपरेशन डॉक्टर जोशिपुरा साहब ने किया है। उसके बाद मैं अच्छे से खा पी सकता हूँ। उनके निदान और इलाज के कारण आज मुझे कोई दिक़्क़त नहीं हुई और। कैन्सर के इलाज के बाद मैं स्वस्थ और सुरक्षित ज़िंदगी जी सकता हूँ।

    image Trikam sargara

    Udaipur, Rajasthan

    डॉक्टर आदित्यजी की महेरबानी से मैं मूँह के कैन्सर के ऑपरेशन के १ साल बाद आतंके सबकुछ खा पी सकता हूँ। उनके मिलनसार स्वभावसे दर्दी का आधा दर्द अपनेआप खतम हो जाता है

    image Ambalal patel


    Dr. Aditya Joshipura has helped my father recover from stage 3 tongue cancer. he is a wonderful human being and I am happy to have chosen him as my doctor in this tough time.

    image Prashant Varma

    Dr. Aditya Joshipura is truly and angel in the form of doctor. He is the best doctors of all i met in my life yet. My mom had cancer and a successful surgery for the same is done by Dr. Aditya Joshipura, my mom says the doctor treated/operated me as if i was his own mother. I feel blessed to meet such wonderful person. Sir lots of blessing from our family to you & have a successful life ahead. Thank you once again.

    image Vadher Bhavesh

    One of the best cancer surgeon i have never met doc like him ever in my life my surgery had been done by him just before 30 days by him he is such a cooperative and kind doctor i must say he is very nice human being i must say if all doctors be like him then there is no chance for anyone to be in fear of anything and theres 100% of recovery is sure. thank you so much doctor you have done the best job.

    image Jagdish Goswami

    Best head and nack cancer surgeon @Dradityajoshipura

    image Ashish Chaudhari

    Nice human being with excellent surgical skills.